Homeplace Ranch is home to 23 horses. Hover above the pictures below to meet just a few of them! Follow Homeplace Ranch on Facebook and Instagram to meet even more and follow along on their journeys. 


Standard Bred

Our largest horse on the ranch, Judge was a once a hard to handle gelding that now enjoys the ride - but not in the lead.

Red 3.jpg
Bulldog Red

Quarter Horse

Well trained 16 year old gelding. Red was a calf roping horse, and was brought to Homeplace Ranch where he is loved by many trail ride visitors. You can spot Red by his hoof to head shiny red coat and white blaze.


Norwegian Fjord 

The Norwegian Fjord is considered one of the oldest pure breeds of horse. Tundra is very sturdy! On average, Fjords stand 13.2 to 14.2 hands high and weigh 900 to 1200 pounds. You can recognize Tundra by her distinctive 2 colored long mane and light colored but thick coat.


Tilley is our beloved grandmother horse who has been on the ranch for many years. Respected and loved by all. 

She has raised foals and carried many riders and kids. She is one of our best lesson horses.

Captain Morgan

Morgan Horse

Captain Morgan is a movie star gelding who was originally purchased by John Scott for the movie business. He is strong and reliable, and has unique characteristics that will help you identify him. 



Max is a retired polo horse. You can recognize him by his polo brands. 

Thoroughbreds are selected for their speed, stamina, agility and maneuverability.



Morgan X Tennessee Walker Horse

Roy is a large horse with a smooth gait and comfortable ride. While he can be shy when tied, he is typically in the lead on the trails. He is a fast horse that needs a confident rider.

Besides his large size, you can identify Roy by his wavy mane.



Duke is Mac's saddle horse. A 13 year old gelding who is well trained, sound and sturdy. 


Dunn Horse

In Memory of Hawk


Hawk is Stampede Royalty. Originally the Stampede queen's horse, Hawk spent his retirement at Homeplace Ranch. He has roping and working cow experience. He is solid, quiet and reliable.